Sunday, May 22, 2011


Nobody and nothing, but the wisdom,
you're created,
for a great.

Indeed, all those are there,
leave to you,
it's all about your mind!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He just want to make me learn


I just wonder, whether this site have the reader as i took too long to have this such writing.


I used to believe, whenever i was in problem, i can use selawat to solve it. Really, n sometimes i think, it become too much, unreasonable. Of course, it doesn't make any sense, without make any effort u can go through with ur life successfully, happily. But then, it's my fault simply bcoz when i have only 5 minutes for 15 minutes journey, n i recite selawat, i really make it! Or i still not finish my tasks n tink! it hav being postponed. But yesterday, it become my day, my 'best' day. I came to dr Baha class, n that's it, i answer the questions confidently just to have a long shameful day. i got all about Lim Chin Aik wrong, less points here n there n dr baha always said " here suwaibah, u still don't have enough..... " " so, is it all the best from u???? " n others meaningful quote. despite the fact that i recite the selawat along my way to the class, i got all these things.


but then, i really want to understand, His art of teaching. all these things happened to me, simply becoz, perhaps He want to say to me; u cannot just believe u will be helped or given whatever u want without put any efforts to them. the lesson be more meaningful bcoz it didn't reduce my believe to have selawat whenever u are in problems. it still can make u calm n feel being heard. u can have whatever u want to have, by having this powerful selawat plus u must work toward it.


i hope there will be more lesson from Him, but, hopefully i can go through with the lessons patiently.


That is because Allah never changeth the grace He hath bestowed on any people
until they first change that which is in their hearts, and (that is) because
Allah is Hearer, Knower.
(Surah al-Anfal:53)

*feel dizzy, a thousand stars in my head. really nice, but too much.
*p/s:thinking on abang n missed him so much.:-)